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S35-3 series L-BBS Front Shock Set with Emulsion Shock Cap
S350 Series Front Bumper (2PC)
Knockle Pivot Ball Nut S350 EVO
Aluminum Shock Cap Stud (-1.3) (2)
S350 Series S35 Competition Steering Plate
$27.36 $19.99 Sale
Out of Stock.
S35GT T7075 Aluminum Main Chassis
$86.09 $69.99 Sale
In Stock.
S35-GT 2nd Speed Clutch Bell
S35-4 Series RR Upright Plastic
S35 GT2 T7075 Aluminum Main Chassis

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Washer 3.5x10x0.2mm
M3 Countersunk Washers EVO
Washer M2.6x6xT0.6mm
3mm Pivot Ball Bushing EVO
Washer 13x16x0.2mm
Shim 6.0x10.0x0.2mm (10pcs)
3mm Countersunk Washers (RD) (10pcs)
3mm Countersunk Washers (GM)
Washer M3x8xT0.8mm (10pcs)
S102 Aluminum Washer 3X6X1.5mm
SHIM 8.0x12.0x0.2mm (4pc)
M3x16mm Set Screw (10pcs)
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