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S35-3 series L-BBS Front Shock Set with Emulsion Shock Cap
1/8 Body Shell Falcon Style 3
S350 Series Front Bumper (2PC)
Knockle Pivot Ball Nut S350 EVO
Aluminum Shock Cap Stud (-1.3) (2)
S350 Series S35 Competition Steering Plate
$27.36 $19.99 Sale
Out of Stock.
Lightened Chassis T7075
$82.52 $69.99 Sale
In Stock.

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M3 Countersunk Washers EVO
Washer M2.6x6xT0.6mm
3mm Pivot Ball Bushing EVO
Washer 13x16x0.2mm
Shim 6.0x10.0x0.2mm (10pcs)
3mm Countersunk Washers (RD) (10pcs)
3mm Countersunk Washers (GM)
M4x8mm I-Head Screw (Thin)
M3x3mm FH/ST HEX Screw (10pcs)
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